Two balls and the colour-blind friend

Zero-knowledge proof cryptography is something that I have lots of interest in. It’s a type of cryptography that allow a prover to prove to a verifier that a certain statement is true, without revealing anything else apart from that statement. ZK-SNARKS, a variant of zero-knowledge proofs, is being built into Ethereum (it already exists in zCash). In this blog post I’ll refer to a very simple story that explain how zero-knowledge proofs work. Continue reading “Two balls and the colour-blind friend”

Building dapps on Ethereum – part 6: deploying a private testnet

When developing dapps and smart contracts, it’s of great importance to have a good development workflow and to go through the right amount of testing and validation. In previous posts I’ve explained how to setup a local blockchain node for testing. While the ultimate goal is to deploy your dapp to one of Ethereum’s test networks, and then the main network, it’s very useful to be able to run your own full private network. This can be used for internal testing, verification and simulation, within your own team or company. In this blog post we’ll cover just that — how to deploy a private testnet and the basic components involved. Continue reading “Building dapps on Ethereum – part 6: deploying a private testnet”

So long DrupalCon Europe!

Last week I attended DrupalCon Vienna. And I must say, it’s been one of the better and most positive DrupalCons in a long time. The past 12-18 months have been really tough on the community. There’s been a lot of fatigue, doubt and uncertainty in Drupal 8 as a product, as well as other issues in the community. But I really think we’ve come out of this period stronger than ever! Continue reading “So long DrupalCon Europe!”

What’s the future of web content management?

In about 3 months I’m celebrating 10 years as a member on That’s about when I started my professional career as a freelance web developer. It’s been such a great ride, Drupal and our community have truly changed my life. It’s been fascinating to be part of an industry that has changed an incredible amount over this time. In this post I’ll take a look how things have changed and what the future might look like. Continue reading “What’s the future of web content management?”