My sessions at DrupalCon Vienna

DrupalCon Vienna is quickly approaching. Here’s a brief summary of the two sessions that I got accepted and will be presenting.

Workflow Initiative Update

Link to the session page

In this session I will give an update on Drupal core’s Workflow Initiative and go through what’s been achieved during the 8.4 dev cycle and what’s coming next. There’s going to be quite a few things to cover as we’ve finally reach a high level of stability for the Workflow and Content Moderation modules in core.

Ready for Workflow Goodness? How to Upgrade!

Link to the session page

In this session we will go through how you can prepare your site and your custom or contributed modules to leverage capabilities provided by the Workflow and Content Moderation modules. At the end of the session you will have learned how to:

  • Upgrade your custom entity types to take advantage of the improved Revision API
  • Prepare or upgrade your site to be using the Content Moderation module
  • Best-practice configurations for different content moderation workflows

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