Should developers be responsible for potentially harmful software?

With the recent news concerning the arrest of Marcus Hutchins — the security researchers who stopped the biggest-ever ransomware attack — I’ve been thinking (more than usual) about the ethics of software development. But before we go into that, who’s Marcus Hutchins and what did he really do? Continue reading “Should developers be responsible for potentially harmful software?”

Securing your digital home – part 1: overview

Your own digital privacy and security is incredibly important these days. So many aspects of our day-to-day life rely on digital services. I don’t think you would ever leave the door unlocked to your home while you’re away, leave you bedroom window blinds open while you’re sleeping or broadcast your private conversations over speakers on the street outside. Nevertheless, this is metaphorically what’s happening to most people’s digital homes when appropriate care is not taken. In this blog post series we will cover things you can do to better protect your digital home. Continue reading “Securing your digital home – part 1: overview”

Changing the world, one block at the time

In the past year blockchain technology and digital currency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have gained some incredible traction. Normal people are buying it, developers are building it, and companies are using it. Too often, however, the technology is being portrayed as a silver bullet. Is it going to end poverty and create world peace? Probably not. But is it going to have a big impact? Absolutely yes. Continue reading “Changing the world, one block at the time”

Simple yet comprehensive explanation of blockchains

I’ve been writing about blockchain technology and Ethereum for a while on my blog. But as these technologies are becoming wider spread I’ve found it challenging to explain these concepts to people not familiar with them. There’s a few layers of technology that are important to understand. Continue reading “Simple yet comprehensive explanation of blockchains”