Building dapps on Ethereum – part 4: decentralised hosting using Swarm

The more I research and develop on Ethereum the more realize that Ethereum is the web we wanted to build yesterday, and the new web we are building today. There’s a lot of talk about Ether’s US dollar price and market cap, but the underlying technology is often forgotten about. That’s why I’m writing this series and in this part we’ll talk about a lesser known part of Ethereum, namely its decentralised storage platform called Swarm. We will use this to host our dapp. Continue reading “Building dapps on Ethereum – part 4: decentralised hosting using Swarm”

Building dapps on Ethereum – part 3: user interface

What’s beautiful with Ethereum is that it’s a new kind of Internet — an ecosystem of decentralised computational resources and applications. But at the same time Ethereum work with tools and protocols of the old Internet where it makes sense. In this blog post we’ll go through how to write an user interface (UI) in HTML5 and Javascript (JS) for our decentralised application that we started building in part 2 of this series. Continue reading “Building dapps on Ethereum – part 3: user interface”

Non-technical explanation of encryption and digital signatures

Having a basic understanding of encryption and digital signatures has become important as history has repeatedly taught us that we can’t trust everyone on the Internet (e.g. Internet service providers, email services etc.). This blog post will try to explain in a non-technical way how encryption and digital signatures work and why something called “private keys” are important to keep secret! Continue reading “Non-technical explanation of encryption and digital signatures”

Building dapps on Ethereum – part 2: smart contracts

This is the second post in my series about building decentralised apps (dapps) on Ethereum. In this post we will cover installation and configuration of the development environment for coding, compiling and testing smart contracts. You’ll also learn how to set up two different Ethereum blockchains on your local computer, firstly with testrpc for automated testing and secondly with geth which is a full-spec client for more advanced needs. Continue reading “Building dapps on Ethereum – part 2: smart contracts”

Brave – my new web browser

I have for the longest of times been a Firefox user. I love what Mozilla, the foundation behind Firefox, has done to bring more freedom, transparency, privacy and security to the web. But there’s a lot more work to be done because online monetization is centered around tracking user behavior by compromising on users’ privacy and security with methods like browser fingerprinting, third-party cookies and malicious online advertisements. And yet, no web browser out-of-the-box do a good job of protecting the user against these things, special plug-ins or configuration is needed which is a barrier for many people. And yet, the fundamental problem is still not solved, i.e. limited options for publishers to monetizing their content. Continue reading “Brave – my new web browser”